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‘Saharogya’ also renders to ‘healthy’. At Saharogya, we believe that leading a healthy life is everyone’s right. We aim to provide organic herbal solutions backed by science and of the highest ethical standards. With a passion to serve healthy alternatives with no side-effects, in health care and personal care, our team thoroughly evaluates the efficiency of the products we manufacture, ensuring the products to be safe for human use.
Ayurveda is ‘the oldest medical system’ known to humankind and is still relevant in the modern world. ‘Ayu’ meaning life and ‘Veda’ meaning knowledge, Ayurveda is the knowledge of life and is considered as the ‘Mother of All Healing’. It was regarded a ‘Gift of Nature’ then and a ‘New Age Medicine’ now. Positing an unwavering connection between the human body and the laws of the nature, Ayurveda gives credence to the fact that by attaining a harmonious balance between the body, soul and mind, diseases can be prevented and cured, promoting overall wellbeing and not fighting the disease.
Since antiquity, Ayurveda has focussed on self-observation and self-care for optimal health. It emphasises on the use of innumerable herbs and plants with healing powers which can also act as a hundred-proof mechanism in eliminating impurities, reducing symptoms, providing resistance to the disease and rejuvenating the whole system. Self-observation and self-care are the areas that are often neglected in the modern hustling life. While we cannot slow down the pace of our lives, we can subsume some Ayurvedic measures to live in harmony and balance, ‘following the rhythm of the day’, ‘adopting healthful habits’ and ‘ingesting herbs with healing powers’.
At Saharogya, we revise the traditional health care system for you to incorporate it effortlessly and begin your journey of self-care and nurture your body, soul and mind. The word ‘saharogya’ translates to ‘possessing freedom from diseases’. Abiding by its name, Saharogya offers a wide range of ayurvedic products, from wellness soaps to premium teas, single herb capsules to solid perfumes and much more with authentic ingredients processed with the latest technology to improve health naturally, without resorting to any artificial means.




Maintaining the health of healthy and curing the diseased.
Creating Balance in 3 Doshas, Balance in 13 Digestive Fires, Balance in Tissue creation, Balance in Elimination process, resulting into bliss at the level of Senses, Mind and Atma (Mind, Body and Soul).
Our mission is Creating a Disease Free Society, and not just propagating Ayurveda .

Our Values & Ethics

This is what makes us stand out. We here at Saharogya believe our work is equally important as our Values and Ethics. We follow these 4 basic principles that are the foundation of how we work.



Team Work

Time Management

80,000+ Happy Customer & Counting...

Meet other Awesome people that use our Products
Client Photo
Paresh Gupta Accountant

“I tried so hard for so long to fix my hair fall. But whatever I tried not only didn't work but also made it worse. When I heard about ayurvedic customised regimen, I could only think of two things, 1. It’s Ayurvedic so it has to be safe and 2. It is specifically made for my needs. So, I figured I’d give Saharogya a try and I’m really glad that I did, I got my hair back and I see an evident difference from before!"

Client Photo
R. Krupa Deepika HR, Cognizant

"I was breaking out so much and I didn't even know why. So I tried to go to one of those skin clinics and they suggested really expensive treatments. I found SahArogya while searching for clear skin solutions online. SahArogya is natural and is literally made for your unique skin. My SahArogya skin care regimen has helped me get my clear skin back!"

Client Photo
Rakesh Gathiyalal Managing Director of JP Infra

“My family has dealt with some of the serious heart conditions out there and I always wanted to protect myself from it. When I came across SahArogya Heart health capsule (Vidhura Prolive Reboot) I saw that it's made with all-natural elements so it's safe and honestly I didn't see any reason as to why I shouldn't try it. So, I went ahead and placed an order and now, I feel much better and less worried.”

Client Photo
Nusrat Jahan Managing Director of Infotyl

"I liked using products that are customised for me and totally natural! SahArogya customised Ayurvedic skin care regimen has helped me get clear skin. Trust me, SahArogya works better than any other skin care products out there. My skin feels so healthy and refreshed throughout the day. I highly recommend SahArogya! "

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