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Kasu -Tea for Cough-n-Cold


Cough (Kasa in Ayurveda) and cold (Prathishyaya in Ayurveda) are common ailments encountered by the human body. Cough and cold can transpire due to change in the weather, viral infection, seasonal allergies, exposure to dust, pollen and smoke. While a cough is a reflex of the body when some alien substance drains down the back of the throat, cold happens when the membranes of the upper respiratory tract get inflamed and congested. Cough and cold lead to sneezing, running nose, headache, sore throat, chest or nasal congestion and body pain.

Ingredients: Dasamoola, Pippali, Black Pepper, Ginger , Vasa.


  • Safe and natural concoction for flu
  • Aids in decongestion and digestion
  • Augments immunity
  • Provides a sustained relies
  • Soothes the respiratory system


Directions to Use

Boil one tablespoon of ‘Kasu’ in 150ml of water for 10 minutes. Strain and consume hot. Add a natural sweetener if desired. For best results, drink the Saharaogya Tea for Cough-n-Cold three times a day. The tea cannot cure the condition, but regular usage can reduce the symptoms and risks.

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Kasu – Saharogya Tea for Cough-n-Cold is a blend of handpicked herbs – Dasamoola, Pippali, Black Pepper, Ginger and Vasa. Each herb works wonders in boosting immunity and have a calming effect on the respiratory tract. With a regular intake of the tea, you will be relieved of sore throat, nasal and chest congestion. Suppressing cough, it also helps in removing any mucus from the throat and expelling phlegm.


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